When it Feels Impossible…

Odille Remmert
3 min readDec 20, 2022

Do you sometimes feel that getting the results you want — or doing what it takes to get the results you want — is impossible?

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Does it feel like some days, you’ll never get where you want to be?

Here’s something to consider that can put those feelings and thoughts into perspective — which will, in turn, help you to move forward quicker and more easily.

Just Because Something FEELS Impossible… Doesn’t Mean it IS Impossible.

Think back to when you first learned to drive a vehicle or ride a bicycle, or any other new skill.

Do you remember that feeling — that it’s impossible to concentrate on all those different actions at once — AND keep an eye on the road?

Do you remember feeling that it’s impossible and unnatural to stay upright on two wheels?

Do you remember feeling that it’s impossible to remember certain information, or to move your body in a certain way?

Do you remember just how REAL that feeling was? Just HOW impossible those tasks and actions felt at that time?

And then, at some point, you reached the level of skill where you’re able to drive for 30 minutes and not even remember the journey! Or cycle while speaking to someone on the phone. Or play the instrument without thinking, or speak the language fluently, or do the math in your head, or put the diaper on the baby without it falling off, or use the computer mouse without thinking, or remember the route home, or …

The point is that, as you learn any new skill (and this includes self-development — changing old habits and patterns, changing old emotional responses and negative thinking patterns, becoming healthier, happier, more abundant, etc.)you start by making new connections in the neocortex of your brain. And that’s an effort — because those connections are not yet established.

Every time you repeat the skill or behavior, or information, those neural connections in your brain are made — with effort — over and over.

At a certain point, those connections have been made so many times that they become more established, so that the information between neurons (nerve cells in the brain) is able to travel quicker and easier. (This is often…



Odille Remmert

Author of: "Change What Happened to You: How to Use Neuroscience to Get the Life You Want by Changing Your Negative Childhood Memories"