Time Line Therapy vs The Remmert Method — What’s the Difference?

Odille Remmert
5 min readJun 15, 2020

If Time Line Therapy hasn’t worked for you, this may be the reason.

While both methods of creating positive results in all areas of life achieve those changes by addressing negative experiences in the past, there are key differences.

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The fact that past experiences provide the automatic references for current experiences is common in both modalities. However, advances in neuroscience have changed some major aspects of Time Line Therapy®.

What Causes Unwanted Experiences?

Both Time Line Therapy and The Remmert Method recognize that, from birth, each new experience is filtered through the information from previous experiences — and that determines our emotional response to whatever the new experience is.

So, for example, in order to feel anger about something now, we need to have a previous subconscious reference for feeling angry in this type of experience — for the brain and body to know to produce those stress chemicals.

We cannot experience anything for which we don’t have a previous reference.

We may not be consciously aware of that reference — it may be subconscious — but it is the subconscious that…



Odille Remmert

Author of: "Change What Happened to You: How to Use Neuroscience to Get the Life You Want by Changing Your Negative Childhood Memories"