The Law of Attraction for Beginners — A Simple, Practical Guide

Odille Remmert
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This is a very simple, straight-forward, practical guide with step-by-step instructions, on how to get the results you want from the Law of Attraction. Whether you wish to find your soulmate, create success, improve your finances, become healthier, happier, or manifest anything else in your life — the system is the same. Follow these steps to get results.

What is the Law of Attraction?

There’s plenty of in-depth information out there, on what it is and how it works, including the quantum theory behind it. I’m going to keep this explanation short, simple, and to-the-point, for clarity, and so that you can get on with actually using it to get results.

The Law of Attraction is the method by which you experience life.

We think of life as happening to us, randomly, and we react or respond to it. But the truth is: we are constantly attracting experiences that match how we’re vibrating.

Everything is vibrating. The rate at which you’re vibrating determines what experiences you’re attracting into your life. For example: If you’re vibrating happiness and joy, you will be attracting and manifesting experiences that will match those feelings. If you’re vibrating anxiety or sadness you will be manifesting experiences that match those feelings.

So, the bottom line is: You attract and manifest whatever you’re a vibrational match for.

That means: In order to get what you want, you need to make sure that you are vibrating in alignment with it.

How Do You Know What Your Vibration is?

Your vibration changes and varies. And you can tell how you’re vibrating in any moment — by the way you feel. When you feel abundant, you’re vibrating in alignment with abundance. When you feel scared, you’re vibrating in alignment with fear.

You can also change your vibration by changing how you feel. More on that later.

The Time-Delay

The bad news — and GOOD news — is that there is a time delay between your alignment and the manifestation. Bad news because it means that you won’t get what you want just from getting into alignment with it a few times. Good news because it also means you won’t manifest bad experiences just from worrying about them sometimes.

How it Works

You are constantly attracting and creating according to how you’re feeling MOST of the time. If you’re feeling happy, loving, abundant, and appreciative most of the time, you will automatically be attracting experiences that match those feelings. Even if you have some moments when you’re triggered or feel negative, as long as you’re feeling good most of the time, you’ll be attracting what you want.

The same is true the other way around. If you are feeling worried, anxious, frustrated, angry, resentful, disappointed, hurt, or any other negative emotion, most of the time, you’ll be attracting more experiences that match those feelings. So, even if you spend some time visualizing, using affirmations, and feeling good — if you’re feeling bad MOST of the time, you won’t be attracting what you want.

Think of it this way:

1. Whatever you want to experience in your life — success, health, loving relationship, money, happiness — is your destination on a particular journey. It’s where you want to end up. So you want to get from wherever you are now, to “there”.

2. In order to get there, you need to stay on the road that leads from here to there. Staying in the feeling — the emotional state — of where you want to go is like staying on the road that leads there.

3. Whenever you’re not feeling the feeling of that end destination — in other words, whenever you feel disappointment, disillusionment, sadness, fear, anxiety, frustration… and any other negative emotion — you have, in that moment, turned off the road, and are taking a detour. In those moments, you are heading away from whatever it is you want.

4. The key is to get back on the road that leads to your desired destination as soon as possible, so that you don’t get too far off-track. The longer you spend on the detour, the longer it will take to get to your destination.

The challenge is, as you’re driving along the road that leads to your destination, you’re seeing scenery that is unpleasant, and you’re driving through storms (this is the stuff that’s in your life now that you don’t want). But as long as you keep looking at that scenery and focusing on the storms, you’re going to stop the car there, get out, and stay in that place.

The key is to notice the scenery, but don’t stop and get out of the car — do whatever it takes to stay on the road that leads to your destination. Which means notice “what is” but keep your focus on what you want, and do whatever it takes to feel good since that is what keeps you in alignment with the end result you want.

The Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Manifesting What You Want from the Law of Attraction

These steps are simple, but they are not easy.

The challenge is dealing with whatever you’re experiencing in your life right now — and being able to feel good despite it — in order to stay in alignment with what you do want.

Some of the reasons it can be so difficult are:

  • The stress chemicals that cause negative emotions are the same chemicals that are produced when we’re in physical danger. In other words — when you feel anger, sadness, worry, frustration, hurt, disappointment, etc. your brain and body are producing the same fight-freeze-flight chemicals they would if you were facing a bear.
  • We are designed for survival. The stress chemicals that cause negative emotions are stronger than feel-good chemicals — in order to get our attention, and hold it, until the “bear” has gone.
  • The brain and body can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination — when you THINK about something, your brain and body will produce the same chemicals as when you’re in the real experience of the thing.

All of this means that whatever you’re thinking about — wherever you’re putting your focus in the moment — is determining how you feel… and therefore your vibrational state. AND, when you feel bad, the only reason it’s difficult to switch to feeling good is because your brain and body think you’re in physical danger — even though you’re not.

So, in order to stay on that “road” to get to whatever it is you want to manifest, you need to keep your focus on what you want (even though you don’t have it yet), so that you can feel the feeling of that, instead of the feeling of what you don’t want.

Step One:

Think of what you want. Take a deep breath, and imagine you have it right now. How would it feel? Pick one moment that can represent that experience. For example: high-fiving a friend, saying “YES!!! I DID it!!” or calling a loved-one and saying “I’ve got the most amazing news!!”

You don’t need details. Just a moment in time that, when you think about it, creates the feeling of the end result you’re aiming for.

Step Two:

Practice that moment all the time. You don’t need to close your eyes, and as you can see — it takes only a few seconds. So, do it all the time. Do it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Do it while you’re in the shower, doing household chores, walking the dog, during the commercial breaks on TV… do it all the time. The more you play that — what I call a “Touchstone Moment” — the more you’ll be able to stay in alignment with what you want to manifest.

Step Three:

Whenever you feel doubt, worry, or any other negative emotion, and while you’re dealing with daily challenges and triggers, keep playing that Touchstone Moment. Keep reminding yourself that you may be “here” now, but you’re on your way to “there”. And if you go off on a detour “here” it will take you longer to get “there”. In other words — you may be dealing with the lack of what you want, right now, but the more you focus on the lack of what you want, the longer it will take you to get what you want.

You need to override the compulsion to focus on the reality of where you are, and keep your focus on where you’re going.

Still Have Questions About the Law of Attraction?

I love answering questions, so please do feel free to ask questions and ask for clarification, in the comments below. You’re also very welcome to join our Facebook Group: Law of Attraction Answers — to get your questions answered and connect with others.

Training Your Brain and Body to Feel Good — While You’re Waiting for Your Desire to Manifest

The Law of Attraction is very straight-forward:

  • You get whatever you’re a vibrational match for.
  • You can change your vibration by changing how you feel.
  • And you can change how you feel by changing where you’re putting your focus in the moment.

But, because we’re human, this can be very difficult to maintain while we’re dealing with daily challenges.

For that reason, I created a system called the Superpower — which trains your brain and body to produce “feel-good” chemicals most of the time, regardless of what’s going on in your life. In other words — it conditions you to feel good most of the time, even if you’re dealing with issues and challenges. It helps you to stay in alignment with what you want, while you’re going through the time-delay before it manifests.

The Superpower Online Course takes you from wherever you are now, to being able to feel good and stay in alignment, regardless of what challenges you may face while you’re waiting for your desired result to manifest.

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